Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Amazing Alphabet - from illustration to quilt.

You will complete a letter with “Drapplique”  
and continue on to create a quilt to fit the image. 

The images are from a series of an Alphabet I designed for my grandchildren.... you will receive several letters but I will have the new book for sale with all the letters.

First the image is traced onto the fabric...Colored and then free-motion quilted with black thread… You don’t have to be able to draw... you will trace the image....!!!!

The quilt pattern is a secret until you get to class. !!! but trust me, its very different.

Now, the book is unlike any other Quilt book you have read, because the front part is a story for the Grandchildren.

Students need to bring.

A Teflon appliqué mat - or glad bake 
1 yard of light cream fabric. You need to be able to see through it.
1 yard square of thin cotton batting.
1 yard of fabric for the backing.
1 reel 50 weight black thread
1 pkt microtex needles
A mechanical pencil
If you have a portable light box it would be an advantage. 
A reel of masking tape.
10 safety pins for basting.

Kit:- $20 for 5 pens 

I will have the book and fabric designed just for the quilt for sale in class.

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